• Engineering Success Engineering Success

    Eight traits of highly successful advisors

    by Laurence Greenberg

    There is tremendous momentum in the independent fee-based channel. And the industry is clearly bullish on its future. As innovation disrupts the status quo, and financial advice continues to evolve, it creates new opportunities for you to transform your career and your practice. read more
  • On The Road To Retirement On The Road To Retirement

    Helping savers balance the demands of today with the promise of tomorrow

    by Sharon Scanlon

    Retirement savers participating in their employer-sponsored plans are feeling more confident and more optimistic than they have in the past five years. read more
  • Taming the Millennial “Horse” Taming the Millennial “Horse”

    How to rein in a generation of spenders and retrain their focus toward sound income-planning

    by Rich Rausser

    The demographic known as Millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000 – has been much maligned in some quarters for being a “live now, pay later” generation. Whether it’s grabbing the latest iPhone upon its release, buying the “right” car, or splurging on a vacation abroad, this is a cohort that is often assumed to place lifestyle over substance. read more
  • The New Road To Client Access, Communication & Compensation The New Road To Client Access, Communication & Compensation

    How advisors are impacted by the DOL fiduciary rule

    By Ken Leibow

    What impact have advisors experienced since the transition period started for the DOL Fiduciary Rule? What we know today is that insurance companies and brokerage firms have already implemented changes because of the DOL Fiduciary Rule. read more
  • Who Pays For Aging? Who Pays For Aging?

    Considerations on the global wallet, and the lines of defense on the road to retirement

    by Matt Singleton, Bella Desai, Paula Francombe and Domenico Savarese

    As the ageing population increases, the working age population in most countries around the world decreases. It’s a triumph of medicine, public health and human progress: the world’s total older population will nearly triple to 1.5 billion people between 2015 and 2050. read more
  • A Conversation With Gregory Bailey A Conversation With Gregory Bailey

    Millennial Acquisition

    by Carolyn Ellis

    Describing what Denim Labs does requires some careful distinction. First, they do not make clothing… they make connections between carriers and their prospects, especially the millennial demographic. read more
  • Longevity’s Fragile Finance Longevity’s Fragile Finance

    How Health Savings Accounts can help fund medical expenses in retirement

    By Doug Dubitsky

    Part of the way you can become a valued advisor is to provide what might be called uncommon, common advice. When you talk to your client about information that’s basic, yet makes good sense, they’ll appreciate it. You’ll gain their trust and, ultimately, their business. read more
  • Bitcoin: Interesting, Fascinating….Relevant? Bitcoin: Interesting, Fascinating….Relevant?

    The curious evolution of crypto-currency

    by Joshua Pierce, CAIA, CFP

    In a month where risk markets continued to rise, and did so in a relatively calm and quiet manner, it seemed that investors found themselves looking for interesting topics of discussion. read more
  • Stop Selling and Start Making Client-Partners Stop Selling and Start Making Client-Partners

    And create raving fans in the process

    by Dave Vick

    I’ve found that most agents in the financial services industry are “compulsive presenters.” They believe if they beat prospects up with a bunch of information about how great index annuities are, the prospect will see the error of their ways and gladly place all their money into an annuity. read more
  • What’s Keeping Plan Sponsors Up At Night? What’s Keeping Plan Sponsors Up At Night?

    Developing a careful balance of retention and retirement readiness

    by Ron Pressman

    Positioning employees to achieve financial success in retirement is no small feat. Plan sponsors are tasked with designing and offering a retirement plan that encourages workers to save regularly, while simultaneously navigating a changing regulatory landscape and dealing with the challenges associated with administering a plan. read more
  • Millennials: A Gateway To Parental LTCi? Millennials: A Gateway To Parental LTCi?

    As a group, they understand that the burden will eventually fall to them

    by Brian Harrington

    Millennials may not come to mind as a group ripe for group long term care insurance, but they have proven to be an effective gateway for sales of long term care insurance to their parents, even if they aren’t yet in the market for long term care insurance themselves. read more
  • Balancing Benefits Balancing Benefits

    Help your clients sidestep the health care reform hoopla to create a stronger benefits program

    by Steve Hesler

    If the employee benefits world was a circus, then health care reform would be hogging the spotlight in the center ring — and not necessarily in a good way. read more
  • What’s Your Countable Income? What’s Your Countable Income?

    How “means tested” Medicare could erode your Social Security benefit

    by Herbert K. Daroff, J.D., CFP, AEP

    The government giveth and the government taketh away. I will be 65 this summer and just applied for Medicare. I plan to start taking Social Security at 70. For the next few years, I will be paying my Medicare premiums out of my own pocket read more