• Balancing Benefits Balancing Benefits

    Help your clients sidestep the health care reform hoopla to create a stronger benefits program

    by Steve Hesler

    If the employee benefits world was a circus, then health care reform would be hogging the spotlight in the center ring — and not necessarily in a good way. read more
  • What’s Your Countable Income? What’s Your Countable Income?

    How “means tested” Medicare could erode your Social Security benefit

    by Herbert K. Daroff, J.D., CFP, AEP

    The government giveth and the government taketh away. I will be 65 this summer and just applied for Medicare. I plan to start taking Social Security at 70. For the next few years, I will be paying my Medicare premiums out of my own pocket read more
  • Growth, Protection and the Control of Legacies Growth, Protection and the Control of Legacies

    Consider the wealth transfer benefits of annuities

    by Brandon Buckingham, JD, LLM

    Wealth transfer advice is in high demand. Baby Boomers are receiving inheritances from their aging parents and, in turn, want to set up strategies to transfer their own wealth to the next generation. It’s estimated that $30 trillion of generational transfers will take place over the next three decades. read more
  • Untangling DOL & The Fiduciary Rule Untangling DOL & The Fiduciary Rule

    It's here, it's in effect and it's time to take hold of it

    by Scott McCleskey

    The debate over whether and how to extend fiduciary responsibility to those who provide investment advice to retirement savers has been a protracted one, rife with mid-course corrections, delays, and court challenges. read more
  • For Employers, It’s All About Attract & Retain For Employers, It’s All About Attract & Retain

    How benefits influence workplace satisfaction

    by Drew Niziak

    In today’s competitive marketplace, companies put a lot of energy into hiring top talent. Great effort goes into attracting those employees, from providing comfortable salaries and signing bonuses to the promise of flexible work days and extended vacation time. read more
  • Washington is the “New Volatility” Washington is the “New Volatility”

    Top trends impacting advisors’ and investors’ approach to investing in 2017

    by Mitchell H. Caplan

    As lawmakers inside the beltway continue to dominate the headlines, new findings from our third annual Advisor Authority study show that Washington politics is rated among the top three trends that will impact both financial advisors’ and individual investors’ approach to investing in 2017. read more
  • A Conversation with Tania Brown A Conversation with Tania Brown

    Cultivating Financial Wellness

    by P.E. Kelley

    In a groundbreaking and ambitious study that sought to determine levels of ‘financial wellness’ among employees, the firm Financial Finesse, which provides wellness programs to the workplace, exposed some alarming disparities of financial stress within different ethnic groups. read more
  • What’s Keeping Plan Sponsors Up At Night? What’s Keeping Plan Sponsors Up At Night?

    Developing a careful balance of retention and retirement readiness

    by Ron Pressman

    Positioning employees to achieve financial success in retirement is no small feat. Plan sponsors are tasked with designing and offering a retirement plan that encourages workers to save regularly, while simultaneously navigating a changing regulatory landscape and dealing with the challenges associated with administering a plan. read more
  • The Most Important Form Investors Have Never Heard Of The Most Important Form Investors Have Never Heard Of

    How an obscure proposal from the Department of Labor could make it easier to give solid advice to retirement savers

    by Aron Szapiro

    The Form 5500 Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan sounds unexciting, at best. Few financial advisors working with clients in 401(k) plans are going to review the voluminous filing. read more
  • Cost Conundrums and Conscientious Consumers Cost Conundrums and Conscientious Consumers

    High Deductible Health Plans require a ramp up in benefits communication in order to achieve positive effects

    by Karen White

    The thinking behind high deductible health plans (HDHPs) is that individuals who are responsible for paying a portion of the bill will be more conscientious consumers – choosing the less expensive MRI, asking doctors if certain tests are really necessary, using emergency services only for true emergencies – thus encouraging cost and quality competition among healthcare providers, driving lower prices. read more
  • Bankruptcy – A Love Story Bankruptcy – A Love Story

    A cautionary tale from the dark side of marriage highlights the need for financial-wedding-vows and the wisdom of expressed family-finances

    by Janet Lombardi

    The cascading wedding dress. The engraved invitations. The “his and her” wedding bands. All beautiful elements leading up to the most special of days: your wedding. read more
  • Generational Transitions Generational Transitions

    The rise of the new life insurance customer

    by Denise Garth

    Today is May 1, 2025. You’re an advisor. Imagine your day. It may be tough to do. When it comes to trying to predict what advising will look like a few years from now, about all anyone can say is that “past performance is not an indicator of future results.” read more
  • Life Insurance? Glad You Asked Life Insurance? Glad You Asked

    Five most-important things every advisor should know

    by Dick Weber, MBA, CLU, AEP (Distinguished)

    We often learn about money and finances from our parents, but absent a formal education on how the economy works and how to find our place in that economy, a person’s financial knowledge is largely hit-or-miss. read more